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What is a CVA?

A stroke, also known as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), is a medical emergency that occurs when a section of the brain is deprived of blood supply. This lack can be caused by impaired cerebral blood flow (ischemic stroke) or the product of ruptured vessels (hemorrhagic stroke). The area and extent of damage to the brain determines how severely it will affect a person’s motor skills and cognitive capabilities. While commonly thought that strokes only cause paralysis to either the arm, leg or both on just one side of the body, strokes can cause varying degrees of paralysis, from minor deficits to total loss of function anywhere on the body.

Strokes can drastically alter a person’s life, affecting muscles in the head and tongue that affect their ability to swallow as well as convert short-term memories into long-term ones. This disruption of communication also disallows for easy comprehension or expression of information. 

Orthotists are equipped with the skills necessary to assist stroke patients through biomechanical interventions that address muscle weakness, spasticity (abnormal increase in muscle tone), and lack of coordination – creating hope for recovering from this debilitating condition.

What types of orthotics are helpful for stroke patients?

Our Orthotist will perform an assessment of the patient and discuss the appropriate treatment plan. The most common solutions we provide are:

GRAFOs assist with:

  • Ankle weakness and instability
  • Dorsiflexion weakness (Foot Drop)
  • Knee instability


The foot is lifted in order to prevent foot drop, and the tibia is prevented from falling forward to prevent knee collapse. By keeping the hamstrings and calves long, they may prevent knee pain and/or degeneration.

GRAFOs are available in three common designs for stroke patients.

AFOs assist with:

  • Dorsiflexion weakness (Foot Drop)
  • Foot posture issues e.g. arch collapse
  • Ankle weakness and instability
  • Occasionally knee instability


For stroke patients, they are a common orthotic device prescribed.In order to maintain safety and develop a natural walking pattern, they lift the foot to allow clearance for their toes when walking. Wearing an AFO generally makes users walk faster and more safely.

KAFOs assist with:

  • Knee weakness and instability
  • Calf weakness
  • Dorsiflexion weakness (Foot Drop)
  • Quadriceps weakness
  • Lower limb deformity
  • Lower limb weakness or paralysis involving the knee


All of the leg is supported by a KAFO, including the foot and hip. Especially around and above the knees, they are useful for people with paralysis or weakness. In addition to providing stability while standing, they also assist in walking. As a result, excessive joint motion can be prevented, biomechanical alignment can be improved, and pain can be reduced.

Ottobock’s C-Brace is part of the next generation of knee-ankle-foot orthoses (KAFOs). This micro-processor controlled device gives users increased control during different stages of walking – from lifting the foot from the ground to touching back down. Stumble recovery and falls may both be reduced thanks to its innovative features, such as a knee joint with a micro-processor to manage bending and straightening. If utilized effectively, it can help people with spinal cord injuries gain greater independence in daily activities and make their walks around the community much safer and more stable.

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