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Custom Orthotics For Better Mobility Development

Does your child have trouble walking normally, have difficulty standing up, or have issues with their feet or ankles? Pro Care Orthopedics is the company for you to help your child receive custom orthotics for their personal needs. Orthotics is the area of medicine that deals with the supply and application of artificial devices, such as corrective footwear worn inside a shoe or spinal orthotics for aid in sitting and standing. The muscles, tendons, and bones of a child are strengthened and developed properly to help the legs, knees, ankles, and spine function and develop to their full potential.

Our company has orthotics for ideal neuromuscular and skeletal health and development. The custom device is made to specifically address the child’s needs to help them develop optimum mobility. Our specialized education and training help us assess the needs and goals of children with mobility issues. Once your orthosis has been designed, built, fitted, and maintained, we will take care of it for you.

Our Approach To Exceptional Assessment and Treatment

Our pediatric orthotics devices help assist newborns, toddlers, and kids in receiving the devices they need to improve mobility and alignment. At Pro Care Orthopedics, we have custom orthotics that support and stabilize the injured or affected body component, resulting in optimal alignment, pressure relief, and pain relief. As certified practitioners, our company’s specialists provide caring and attentive treatment to our patients, blending in modern technology with advanced techniques to create a beneficial orthotic for the child’s development and growth. We consider their age, growth, pathology, and needs when it comes to our care. 


Our team is dedicated to developing and implementing their specialized experience in evaluating children and planning the best course of action regarding treatment and care for their patients. Pro Care Orthopedic specialists will thoroughly assess to ensure orthotics are the best choice, fitting and designing them for specific needs and diagnosis. Orthotics can aid with function, support, comfort, and injury prevention.

Why Choose Us?

High-Quality Care

To suit the unique needs of each kid, our qualified specialists evaluate, develop, manufacture, and custom-fit all forms of orthotics. We also offer free consultations.

Highly Rated

With a 98% patient satisfaction rate, our patients rank us as the top prosthetic company.

We’re Professionals

Our medical professionals have years of specialized experience treating young patients with various orthopedic conditions.

Why Choose Pro Care Orthopedics For Pediatric Orthotics

Orthotic solutions are the focus of Pro Care Orthopedics to help aid and treat our pediatric patients. Due to their ability to address gait, alignment, or stability issues that could easily go unnoticed and untreated for many years, orthotics are especially effective for pediatric care. Comfort and functionality are our priorities when it comes to assessing the need for orthotics. Our pediatric orthotics are simple to use, effective, and don’t interfere with kids’ regular activities.

Our company is dedicated to offering clients the most cutting-edge technologies and clinical approaches available. This implies significantly less strain and exhaustion on the body’s muscles and joints. Our unmatched clinical services and products, designed for pediatric clients, help them transform their lives with specially crafted and comprehensive treatment. We strive to deliver favorable results by treating patients compassionately, making our services professional, convenient, and safe. In Miami-Dade County, we specialize in custom treatment options and assessments.

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