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Experts who specialize in caring exclusively for children and their unique needs

What our clients say

Prosthetics and Orthotics
Leonardo S Designation

"Worked. with several companies and in my opinion Procare is the best, keep up the good work."

Miami-Dade Orthopedic Specialist
Bryan D Designation

" I love Procare, its simply the best"

Miami-Dade Orthopedic Doctor
Ted Designation

"You guys are the Best"

Miami-Dade Orthopedic Doctor
Jose Designation

" La mejor empresa de prótesis. gracias"

Orthopedic Clinic
Ruiz Designation

"Thank you for making me a success story, I recommend every amputee to atleast come and visit Procare before you make a decision to go with another clinic. Procare will not disappoint you "

Miami-Dade Orthopedic Clinic
Tonesha Designation

"Thank you guys, you have made all my dreams come true of doing the activites I love"

Miami Orthopedic Clinic
Gloria K Designation

"I have been wearing my Prosthesis for at least 25 years. Seen several companies come and go. I pray that Procare is here to stay"

Miami Orthopedic Specialist
Ricky Designation

"I love my prosthesis, its amazing, comfortable and very eye catching"

    About Us


    Our staff is what sets us apart. Dedicated to their craft and personalized patient care, our employees provide unmatched expertise in prosthetics. And when you need expert insurance advice, we’ve got you covered. Our seasoned insurance specialists will help you to navigate the complex insurance world like a pro. We are a close-knit company, unified by our common goal of providing the highest quality care and technology to our patients.

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    Why procare?


    Not your typical prosthesis. We custom design prostheses according to the patient's needs.

    Top rated

    We are rated the best prosthetic company by our patients with a 98% patient satisfaction

    Ahead of the curve

    We always use the latest technology. Procare will be the first company in South Florida to use Ottobock's cranial helment technology.

    International following

    Our patients come from all over the world. Over 47 countries. Our patients are doctors, lawyers, athletes, models and celebrities.

    Custom Orthopedic Care


    Whether you require stability or immobilization, we fit you for the proper soft support, positional support or fracture orthosis to facilitate your body’s proper healing process.


    Expertly designed for stability or immobilization of the leg, hip, knee, ankle or foot, our devices offer a broad range of functionality suited to your condition and needs.


    The proper orthosis promotes proper and safe post-operative healing — or treatment of an injury or chronic conditions — from the jaw to the lower back and cervical spine.